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You dream of being the person you know you are.

Wise. Strong. Caring. You are ready to work through the trauma, inertia, and anxiety. You’re struggling with difficult life changes, moods and memories – or daily life. You see your familiar coping mechanisms are no longer working and you feel a call for something more adaptive. 

It´s time for something to change and that change starts within.

Hi, I´m  Lucille Wayne, and I help adults tap into their innate healing capacities and regain balance in their lives. I’m a psychologist in private practice – with a master’s degree in therapy.  (Technical note: my proper title is “psychologist” in Holland / UK / Europe, and “psychotherapist” in the U.S.)

Therapy with me is an invitation to show up as you really are.

Over regular sessions, you´ll find your inner sense of direction. You will begin addressing unfinished emotional business, and discover hidden aspects of yourself that have been operating behind the scenes. Through this growth in your inner world, you’ll gain freedom to better respond to the demands of life.

I have over 10 years of experience providing talk therapy, art therapy, and Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy.

You are free to pick the technique best suited to you. Regardless of the method: Together, we’ll find your path way back to inner calm, strength, and joy.

Let’s find your path to meaning and joy.


About Me

I love sitting with another person, holding the space for them to discover inner strength and healing. Originally from the US, I trained and worked in Argentina and Israel before moving to the Netherlands with my husband and child. Across cultures and circumstances, the quest for inner healing fascinates me. Each time I sit down with a client, I silently wonder: “Where will we go today?” 

Of course, I can only take you as far as I’ve gone myself. I have struggled and grown along many points of life’s spectrum of beauty and challenge. I agree with the adage that inner work never ends. But I’ve found it becomes immensely rewarding over time. We humans have the incredible ability to continue growing throughout our lives!

My core belief as a therapist, forged by much experience: On the deepest level, you are the one who knows what’s right for you. My role is to help you find and accurately interpret your inner guidance so you can honor it. If you want to regain your innate inner health – and learn a reliable pathway to follow on your own  – click here. Let’s uncover the real you!

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Am I the right therapist for you?

A very important question. In fact, the right match between client and therapist is the most important ingredient for successful therapy! I encourage you to use your mind, heart and intuition when deciding if we’re the right fit. If the information from my site lands well, contact me for a free 30-minute initial consultation (no obligation) or reach out with questions

Who thrives in this kind of therapy?

The basic requirement is an attitude of accepting that you are responsible for your response to life. From there, we can do wonders. My focus is on functioning adults who want something more from their current experience of life. I work with Dutch and British clients as well as many expats. My clients are of diverse ages: mostly individuals in middle adulthood, but also young adults and people in later stages of life. 

Who is not a good fit for therapy with me?

First, I do not work as the main provider for those needing or receiving outpatient care for psychiatric problems. Second, I support many clients in recovering from trauma, but I am not trained to treat actively life-disrupting PTSD – for this issue, I recommend finding a therapist trained by the official EMDR institute. If you are facing these issues and still want to work together, we can look into if it would benefit you to supplement your main treatment with sessions with me.

What issues can this help with?

A variety of issues: from mood problems (depression, anxiety) to addictions (to substances, food, behaviors) to life changes (in identity, relationships, health). I also help with general challenges like communication, assertiveness, self-esteem and boundaries. Many of my clients are Expats, from all over the world, dealing with significant internal and external changes. 

What is a "mini-session" and how to start therapy?

We´ll start with a free mini-session, 30 minutes by video. This free initial consultation is your time to share your story, and to ask me questions. Most importantly, you will get a feel for what it’s like to work with me. You’ll tell me about your goals and we’ll see if I’m the right person to help.

If you are specifically interested in IFS or art therapy, we can set aside a portion of time for you to get a small taste of it. Exact timing depends on what naturally arises and what you want to get from our short session together, so tell me your hopes ahead of time.

How do you know therapy is working?

A clear sign of healing is a more rapid recovery from unbalances and daily upsets. You’ll be able to find your calm, centered, wise self more often and more quickly. As with any life transformation, the process is not linear, but this is a trustworthy way to track your growth.

What kind of financial and time investment?

We invest ourselves psychologically in the areas where we commit energy and finances. Weekly sessions usually provide the most benefit because they build a strong momentum for healing. Biweekly or monthy sessions can be helpful in some cases. Contact me for my current rates.


How can my approach benefit you?

Healing that lasts

Healing happens at the root. We´ll follow symptoms to the core causes of your suffering. By finally repairing injuries from years ago, your healing becomes lasting

My therapy tools are yours for life. As you grow through our sessions, you´ll learn self-healing techniques. I help clients internalize these tools through example and by clearly explaining as we go along

Want to know something surprising? It´s very likely you´ll depart with joy and awe for your inner world. In nearly every case, my regular clients gain new skills and confidence for navigating their own lives

Learn reliable techniques to locate your wisdom & inner strength

Gain compassion for things you used to feel ashamed of

Discover parts of your personality you didn´t know existed

What is a session like?

In our first meeting (free and online), you’ll share about your story and goals. In regular sessions, usually on a weekly basis, you can bring a particular topic or we’ll continue exploring your underlying issues. In-person sessions are at my comfortable studio-office in the Ommoord neighborhood of Rotterdam. Online and phone sessions, of course, can be conveniently done from anywhere with a connection.


Who thrives with this approach?

Functioning adults who want something better and are willing to take responsibility for their own well-being. I work with Expats, Dutch, and people across Europe and the US – from young adults to elders.


What are my qualifications?

I’m a mental health provider – depending on the location, my proper title is psychologist (Netherlands / UK / EU) or psychotherapist (U.S.). My master’s degree is in Art Therapy, also called Creative Therapy – a specialty recognized for mental health in Holland. I trained in Internal Family Systems with founder Richard Schwartz’s institute in 2011, making me one of the most experienced IFS therapists in the Netherlands. I also have experience with twelve step groups.


Confidentiality is one of the gifts of therapy. That’s why I gratefully share comments from colleagues and workshop participants, but not from clients. The truest way to see if I´m a good fit for YOU is to meet: Set up a free mini-session now!

Tools for Life

“Lucille helped me a lot to adjust better during the COVID lockdown. Through our online meetings, she helped me cope with the social isolation and manage myself better. The IFS technique she uses is a tool that I will keep using for the rest of my life. I can’t recommend her highly enough. A truly wonderful therapist!”

– group member, Rotterdam

The Real Deal

“When a relative needed help, I sent him to Lucille. She’s the real deal. I call her the Therapist of Therapists.”

– MV, psychotherapist, The Hague

It All Makes Sense

“Wow. This was the best therapy session I’ve ever had. Unexpected since I just met Lucille. It synthesized things I’ve been working on for a long time.

– SC, mid 50’s, workshop participant in Haifa, Israel


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