soul-led IFS

do IFS on yourself

3-month IFS Mastermind for soul-seekers & therapists:

Become your own inner healer + Find your soul’s unique way of doing parts work

Discover your soul’s unique solo IFS skills + become your own inner healer, with Lucille’s live guidance

SOUL-led IFS: the 3-month IFS Mastermind

do IFS on yourself

Discover your soul’s unique way of doing solo parts work

+ with live 1:1 guidance from Lucille




by working with your own parts

And after some early wins, it’s clear independent parts work is a distinct skill – one you want to develop

You’ve been thinking for a while about how to take your parts work into deeper waters. Because you have your eye on the big prize: becoming who you’re deeply meant to be.

And you know IFS can help. You still remember how normalizing it felt learning that your outsized responses and intense attitudes come from parts, not your core being. That motivated you to internalize the whole IFS sequence – befriend managers and firefighters and attend to exiles’ burdens.

You’re eager to  heal yourself on the foundational level. And your loved ones wouldn’t mind either. Because, let’s face it –  as much as they love you, they don’t care whether it’s a “part” acting like a jerk or forgetting to call them back. How long till the regular you in regular life starts resembling the Self you know is there?

Just a few days ago you were singing the praises of IFS to a friend. Later you were doing parts journaling on your favorite cushion when a part refused to trust Self. Again! You tried to be accepting, to be in Self, but … These loops of protectors keep blocking the deep healing.

You didn’t expect to feel disoriented by all your parts … or pessimistic about your ability to self-heal.

So let me be the first to tell you, loud and clear: It’s not just you! Even officially trained IFS Institute therapists and healers struggle with solo parts work. Trying to get into Self makes most feel more like a frazzled herder of cats than a cohesive Buddha – until we learn the solo IFS skillset.


you’ve simply haven’t discovered the solo-IFS skillset … but now you can!

Imagine a parts work method that builds your trust in your self-healing powers every time you use it …

Regardless of whether Self fills you on that particular day or there’s an unburdening

You’ve been searching all your life for a sense of solid well-being

For that inner security that comes from knowing you can heal yourself and rely on yourself if need be

And you’re closer than you’ve ever been

You’re determined to find a way to do parts work that flows naturally from you, a parts work approach that’s rewarding and dynamic, that’s … you.


Imagine a parts work method that builds your trust in your self-healing powers every time you use it …

Regardless of whether Self fills you on that particular day or there’s an unburdening

You’ve been searching all your life for a sense of solid well-being

For that inner security that comes from knowing you can heal yourself and rely on yourself if need be

And you’re closer than you’ve ever been

You’re determined to find a way to do parts work that flows naturally from you, a parts work approach that’s rewarding and dynamic, that’s … you.


You’re in exactly the right place –


Deepen your independent parts work + tune in to your soul


Becoming your own inner healer


You will follow the individual course your psyche needs, not a predetermind curriculum


You will develop skills for your soul’s individuation instead of focusing on your therapist-healer’s toolkit


The centerpiece of your healing will be your relationship with yourself, not with peers or a facilitator

In fact, it’s a solo voyage into your inner world –

advanced at critical moments by real-time consultation with an IFS expert

When you join SOUL-led IFS, get ready for:


Gain a bird’s eye view of what’s happening when a solo IFS session “isn’t working” and hone the skills to navigate stuck points while deepening your inner trust


Claim your power to reshape IFS to fit your unique psyche and honor the true inner authority on what’s right for you: the compass of your soul


Notice micro-moments of guidance already streaming from your unconscious and learn to use parts work to responsibly follow these invitations to healing


Develop a fulfilling way of doing parts work on your own, which will empower you to tap into the power of IFS any time you need, even if you’re not in therapy


Make space for the darkness and messy realities that don’t fit into the all-good, all-light, New-Age paradigm often associated with IFS


Shake off predetermined scripts for parts work and unleash the surprising, sublime, radiant qualities of the inner voyage – and yourself!

Hi, I’m Lucille and there’s something I’m blessed with …

…though it can feel like a curse!

I see truths others don’t want to see. Maybe you’re like this too. Whether with clients or our own psyches, people like us bring consciousness to what’s in the shadow. And when it comes to IFS, I remember that sinking feeling when this groundbreaking method wasn’t making me healthier.

IFS is great at identifying parts. But when this gets one-sided, it can make us actually feel less whole – or even feel fragmented

When I felt this exact way ten years ago, advanced resources like SOUL-led IFS weren’t out there. So  I had to put parts work aside – for years – and go on a quest for integration.

By training in many forms of healing – especially art therapy, shamanistic practices, and Jungian analysis – I developed a new approach to parts work that’s made IFS my forever tool. An anchor I can pull out anytime I feel lost or need centering.

Now I’m here to personally guide you to adapt IFS to fit your unique soul

Because you really can turn parts work into your lifelong self-healing tool!

I know how much self-trust is needed


Especially when there are so many good-intentioned voices are out there suggesting IFS is a direct path to total transformation and wholeness. But if you’ve made it this far, you know it’s rarely that simple.

The truth is, we need a beautiful combination of approaches to bring our complex psyches towards wholeness.

But there is a centerpiece of healing: It’s developing a solid core of self-trust.

As an IFS lover, when you learn a parts work mindset that opens up this pathway, your self trust will grow and grow.

My love for parts work is the weathered, unconditional kind sprouted from an odyssey of experience. And it’s my mission to guide deeply reflective seekers like you who’ve fallen in love with IFS to keep that inspiration – and make sense of the challenges. Because transformation requires working with the whole truth. And I’ll help you embrace it.

Imagine how it will feel when:

You can confidently jump into solo parts work knowing an IFS therapist will be by your side live for troubleshooting in real time


You can build inner trust each time you dive into your inner world, even when you’re disoriented by parts or unsure what to do next

You can feel delighted and engrossed in IFS again, undergoing meaningful psychological shifts without chasing unburdenings

You can have regular access to an experienced IFS therapist to clarify advanced concepts and techniques you didn’t learn in books or trainings

You can turn to a trusted group of peers who’ve got IFS down to practice 1:1 and trade insights and techniques

Apply Now to Join the Next Cohort

~ we start November 2022 ~

Here’s How the Mastermind Works

For a whole season, every month we go deep with:



The centerpiece of our program is monthly group coaching: 90-minute Zoom deep dives to deepen your IFS skills and theory, ask Lucille questions, discuss special topics, and take turns in the spotlight illuminating your area of interest

1st week of each month



Student-led online forum available 24/7 for sharing notes, resources and celebrating insights with your self-healing companions throughout the mastermind

At your fingertips throughout



You put it all together in solo parts work sessions: Twice-monthly 60-minute chunks of time to practice solo parts work within the safety of real-time Voxer troubleshooting with Lucille – to move you through stuck points and strengthen your system’s trust

2nd + 3rd week of each month



Take turns with rotating companions from the mastermind to witness one another’s solo parts work in 60-minute co-practice sessions – gaining new perspective and confidence to do IFS independent of Lucille

4th week of each month


+ Your intimate cohort

A hand-picked group of intermediate IFS-ers, capped at 12 members to guarantee you personalized attention from Lucille and space for everyone to build trust and contribute diverse perspectives


We launch the 1st week of November, 2022

& conclude the final week of January, 2023

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

How much time does this program take and when can I start?

The winter cohort launches the first week of November 2022 and spans 3 months, ending the final week of January 2023. 

You can expect to spend about an hour a week on the mastermind. It’s amazing what psyche accomplishes in such “little” chunks of time.

Detailed schedule: We meet the first three weeks of every month. The 1st week of the month is is 90 minutes (Live Mastermind Session). The 2nd and 3rd weeks of the month are 60 minutes each (IFS Coworking Voyages). The remaining week(s) of each month have optional 60-min meetings (Peer Practice sessions). 

What does the program cost?

You can pay for SOUL-led IFS over five monthly payments of 270 EUR, or one full payment of 1,350 EUR. If you need a different payment plan, it’s probably possible – let me know when you apply 🙂

What is a mastermind?

Masterminds bring together people dedicated to deepening their expertise in a particular domain (solo IFS, in our case) – to do focused exploration alongside and learn from one another, under the guidance of an expert (Lucille). Each participant, with their natural talents and also weaknesses, enriches the group process. The IFS Mastermind is designed to make the group a resource to tap into for support, ideas and celebration. This provides a valuable counterbalance to the independent, solo nature of doing IFS on yourself. 

How do I do IFS on myself in a solo session?

There are countless ways to do IFS on yourself and we’ll discuss different modalities. That said, the format we will all start with is: Sit in a cozy spot with your journal. Symbolically open the session with a ritual object (like lighting a candle) and begin writing a dialogue with your parts. When you are done, let your parts say their goodbyes, then return to ordinary reality by symbolically closing the session.

What is Voxer?

A free phone app which functions like a walkie-talkie. During the coworking sessions, this allows my voice to come from your phone – as if I’m physically there with you – without your having to touch any buttons

What makes Lucille an IFS expert and is she certified?

I’m one of the most experienced IFS therapists in Europe, having first officially trained in 2011 and later directly with Dick Schwartz. As a psychotherapist in private practice and as a soul-seeker myself, I’ve spent over a decade living and working with IFS. I’ve rarely if ever heard others grapple with many of the nuanced IFS issues we’ll cover in the mastermind.

Official credentials: I’m a psychotherapist in private practice, a fully certified art therapist and a Jungian analyst-in-training at the world-renowned Zurich institute. I have 11 years of experience with IFS.

I have not gotten around to getting IFS certified, but perhaps I will one day. I value autonomy and I’m interested in delving deep because of my own values, not in jumping through hoops for approval. What I can say is the certification is an admirable attempt to indicate quality. As any such tool is fallible, I know some certified IFSers I would never send a client to, and some excellent non-certified IFSers I would. In the end, this puts the responsibility in your hands. Look at my site and check with your own judgment!

Your expectations

What will I be able to do by the end of this program?

You will have a unique way of sitting down to do parts work on your own, a wealth of experience doing so upon which to draw, and a trust in your own ability to navigate your inner world. Plus: Answers and/or deep exploration of IFS questions which intrigue you, and a group of fellow IFS therapists and enthusiasts with whom you can continue relationships if you so choose. You will have traveled leagues with IFS that can’t be learned in any IFS training, and without having to wait years to even get into the official institute training!

Is this an IFS training and will it teach me how to do IFS with clients?

No to both. This is a personal IFS exploration, guided by an expert in psyche and parts work. That said, your experience with IFS from the inside will undoubtedly resource any IFS work you do with clients.

Is this program a replacement for therapy?

No, it’s totally different from traditional therapy in that you – not a therapist – will be your own container. Perhaps we can call it self-therapy, as Jay Earley has coined the phrase.

When you connect with me (Lucille) or your co-voyages, you will be sharing about your IFS process, not about the content of your IFS work. In other words, you’ll talk about the dynamics and relationships between you and your parts (not detailing the parts’ burdens).


What if I realize this program isn’t for me once I’m inside? Do you offer refunds?

This is an all-in investment. There are no refunds after the sessions have begun. Here’s why: We are treading into sacred territory, and doing that safely requires making a solid commitment both to yourself and to your fellow seekers. (You of course can choose whether to show up or not – and sometimes maybe life or other things will interrupt – but the seriousness of intention is key for this kind of work.)

I understand this is a big investment and you want to make sure it’s the right fit for you. I want to make sure it’s the right fit for you, too! For that reason, the application process consists of a one-on-one conversation with me to answer your questions.

Understanding the program

What happens in a Live Mastermind Session?

It’s part coaching session, part advanced seminar, run on Zoom with Lucille as moderator. We start with general questions and topics chosen by students. Then we move into two Deep Dive Seeker Spotlights, after which the whole group can expand on the topics raised.

Want to know more? In the Deep Dive Seeker Spotlight, one seeker gets my undivided attention for 20 minutes to explore their chosen question about IFS or doing parts work. You thoughtfully fill out a form prior to your Deep Dive to help us refine what you want to explore.

What are the Solo-IFS Coworking Voyages?

Twice a month, we carve out Coworking Voyage time – when you do parts work on your “own” (with me nearby for guidance). Everyone sits down at the same time in their respective homes/locales. At start time, I open our voyage with a greeting and some instructions. You begin writing to your parts and recording their responses. You Vox me whenever you encounter stuck points and get my guidance in real time. I announce when it’s time to close the inner voyage and return to ordinary reality. We finish with a brief group check-in. The whole process fills 60 minutes.

What kind of individualized support will I get from Lucille?

If you want customized support, you’re in the right place, because the whole mastermind is designed for this. Three weeks a month you’ll get direct interaction from me via Zoom and Voxer. You’re guaranteed my personal guidance customized to you twice a month in the IFS Coworking Voyages, and at least once over the course of the program in your own Deep Dive Seeker Spotlight.  

In addition, the Peer Practice Voyages and the online community are student-run, empowering you to bridge over and navigate your IFS journey more independently.

How does it work with the cohort and the Peer Practice Voyages?

Your cohort consists of grounded therapists, healers and other soul-seekers who are established in outer life and fascinated with IFS. The beauty of this program is you can up or down-pedal how much you interact with the group.

The Peer Practice Voyages occur the final week(s) of each month and are a time for you to support and receive support from another seeker in doing IFS on your own. I provide clear instructions for how to structure the time. In the pilot program, participants found these peer sessions extremely valuable. But if you don’t want to do them, that’s okay – they’re optional!

Preparing yourself

How much IFS experience do I need prior to joining?

You don’t need to be IFS trained, practice IFS with your clients, or even have received IFS therapy yourself (though some participants will have done this). You do need to understand the basic terminology and IFS processes, and recognize these terms: firefighters, managers, exiles, burdens, Self. Reading No Bad Parts is a good place to start. 

What if I've never tried IFS on my own before?

You’re in good company! I will walk you through how to do solo parts work step-by-step, so it’s completely okay if you haven’t done it before. Many of your fellow seekers in this mastermind are enthusiastic about IFS, believe in its power, and have not yet ventured here independently, so you won’t be the only one. In the pilot version of the mastermind, most participants had never done IFS on their own, but by the end they were confidently sitting down for meaningful solo voyages. 

I already did the IFS Institute’s training, am I too advanced for this mastermind?

Absolutely not. Almost everything we cover is material I discovered after and outside of the official IFS trainings. Starting with the very practice of doing IFS on your own – that’s not taught in the Institute’s training! You can’t learn this content in books or even the official IFS trainings. Much of this work is highly original to me – Dick Schwartz did encourage me to turn this into a book, and that could be on the horizon!

I'm not a therapist. Can I join this program?

This group is especially for therapists, and therapists have priority as the group fills. However, the program is also suited for those who have gone on a journey into and through the personal underworld, particularly other types of healers. If that describes you, go ahead and Apply – we’ll have a heart-to-heart conversation to see if it’s a fit.

Sail the depths of your psyche

You know that feeling when you read an incredible self-help book, you sit down to DO what it teaches and …

it doesn’t work? You wished you could turn to the author, right then and there, and get advice for your situation.

Maybe you Googled IFS self-therapy or Facebook groups to see how others handled it. Five hours later, you’re hungry, your motivation is down, and it’s time for something else. The inspiring book slides away into a bookcase.

You need a guide to advise you how to do IFS on yourself – in real time

A guide who’s mastered solo journeys, with both conceptual and practical resources. A guide who gets that independent parts work fits into your larger mission of healing and honoring your soul.

Propel your self-healing forward with:

The SOUL-led IFS Methodology


Orient to your inner compass through:

1. MASTERMIND SESSIONS: Illuminate your pscyhe & advanced IFS theory & skills

2. IFS COWORKING VOYAGES: Unite with parts via solo IFS sessions

3. PEER PRACTICE & SOLO PRACTICE: Sojourn with IFS independently & solidify findings into daily living


Read on for in-depth descriptions of each sphere…


towards the compass of your soul

Stop automatically searching for answers outside yourself – even to a model as wonderful as IFS

And start intuitively turning inwards to:

Honor your unconscious

Set aside the notion (which most of us mistakenly infer from IFS!) that you are the director of your healing. Instead, learn what it looks like to seek a truly collaborative relationship with your unconscious

Trust the regular you

Work with your parts starting from exactly where you are now – even if you’re not currently in Self energy – to find healing that lets you be you rather than having to strive for Self


Enrich IFS with a Jungian perspective: View intersections between IFS and the Jungian model of the psyche and make sense of things the original IFS model doesn’t account for

Correct common IFS misunderstandings: Open your eyes to the unhelpful assumptions that pop up in almost every single IFSer and nurture parts work from an attitude designed for lasting growth


skillfully respond to parts

Learn advanced techniques to unblend and build inner trust

Go deep with Blocking Parts

Get truly curious when your progress feels stalled and discover ways to work with resistant parts (and parts that want the process to sound like a Dick Schwartz demo!)

Self-Like Parts

Identify which Self-Like Parts are active in your system. Build relationships with these parts of you that imitate Self and make space for true Self energy

Polarized Parts

No need to panic! Improve the relationships between parts that dislike each other by acting as mediator and centering the parts’ realities

As your conceptual framework matures



follow your flow

You will navigate IFS on your own – with expert on-call support – and establish a rewarding practice of independent parts work

Practical Considerations

Receive step-by-step guidance to conduct parts work on yourself and find what time frame, physical setting and method provide the safest container for your system


Shamanic grounding: You will honor the power of this work with ritual practices that symbolically separate inner journeying from ordinary reality – so you can expand while simultaneously remaining grounded

Process Over Outcome

Relate to the IFS model as a reference to consider rather than as a set of instructions and come away with the self-assurance that no matter what happens in your inner journey, you will find a way to handle it

As you progress through solo parts work


Using IFS in daily life

Explore how parts work can enhance your daily life, without pressuring you to be in Self or your head all the time. Integrate your inner growth with your life in the outside world, and get to the place where you can comfortably and fruitfully sojourn with IFS on your own 


SOUL-led IFS is not just an advanced seminar…it’s a paradigm shift

Not only will you learn nuanced concepts about IFS, but you will reorient your whole relationship to parts work to nurture and center inner trust

It’s Time for the Next Step

apply for SOUL-led IFS + get ready to go deep: